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  • I have a thoroughbred that loves to stand in the rain.  He had rain rot on both buttocks.  After using the Antifungal Shampoo once, the rain rot was gone and the hair was starting to grow back.  Also, the Tea Tree Shampoo makes the horse coat shiny and smelling wonderful.  It does not dry out their coat like some other shampoos.  The Hoof Oil is working wonders on our dried out feet from the terribly hot summer.  I have actually used the Detangles and Shines on my own hair!!!!
    Jennifer Baker

  • Summers in South Florida are brutal.  Fighting fungus and itchy skin is a constant battle.  As an avid horseback rider and horse owner for going on 20 years, finding a product that can be used daily on our precious pets to fight these skin problems has been a challenge.  I tried E 3 Elite Equine Products such as the Antibacterial/Antifungal Shampoo and the Benzoyl Peroxide Antibacterial Shampoo and I am happy to say my horses spent this summer fungus and itch free. Their coats gleam in the sunlight and have never been softer.  It is such a pleasure to see my horses so happy simply because I decided to use E 3 Elite Equine Products.
    With particularly wet summers on hand thrush and feet problems are other issues I battle with my horses especially since they spend 90% of their days outside.  I used E 3 Elite Thrush Clear in conjunction with E 3 Elite Hoof Oil and my horses hooves are strong, supple and thrush free.
    I am so pleased with the result I have seen with the use of E 3 Elite Equine Products I will not use anything else on my horses.
    M. Abbott  

  • We are most grateful to all those who have helped us to accomplish this mission of recovery with feed, hay, vetting, farrier, medical supplies, KrudZapper, Thrush Clear, Ulser Shield, stallion seasons and so much more.  You all know who you are.  Thank you from our hearts.We will keep you posted on their progress.
    Kathy and Nicole
    Capstone Farms

  • I have a warmblood that has chronic thrush.  Within three days of trying this new thrush treatment all the odor and white color of the moisture in the frog was gone.  It is easy to apply does not ruin your hands for weeks h the green or blue dye.  Does not make the floor of the barn or wash stall green or blue.  It is easy to use.
    Ann J. Gillespie

  • I love how the fly spray smells... The fly spray lasts & while I’ve never used a spray that deters away every fly it did make a huge difference. I used the tea tree oil shampoo on Rumor & Mango (the dog) everyone shined & felt soft as can be.
    Horses & Heels

  • Hoof Oil:
    I have a horse that like to make a mess of his stall and always must stand in his poo making his feet thrushy, mucky, and gross! I have been battling this for a time UNTIL I started using the Hoof Oil!!! Totally has protected his feet, no more thrush, and even tho he still stands in his poo his feet are just lovely now!!!

    Tea Tree Shampoo:
    Smells just so nice I want to use it myself---and since I have only a dollop left I think I will!! Makes their coats soft shiny and clean!!!

    Anti Fungal Shampoo:
    I have NEVER EVER used an anti-fungal that didnt have a horrible odor much less one that left a nice shine--YOUR Anti-Fungal not only helps with the skin issues, leaves their coat super shiny, smells nice and does not make my sterling silver ring tarnish!!!! --there is a lot to be said for more natural products like yours!!!

    Liniment Gel:
    I use liniments pretty often on legs and just general body massages but HATE the fact that they spill and are like water....FABULOUS to have my liniment in GEL form--I can use the perfect amount without it spilling everywhere!!! It is a strong liniment without being so strong that when it is rubbed into my horses back they get all fussy! I have used in on my shoulder and I LOVE IT!!! and again GEL IS AWESOME!!!
    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts on your products!!!
    Betsy Parker
    Asst Trainer at Aqueduct Racetrack